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27 November
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you know i really ought to write stuff here, but theres something about being presented with a big white empty box to fill thats slightly daunting....

i mean how can i sum up me?


a few single words spring to mind but nothing that makes any sense to anyone so i might hand over the forum to people who know best.....

sophie : (aka stumpy_thedwarf)

Vicki Vicki Vicki, my good friend.
her random insults will never end.
She'll say gaylord and bitch-ass with
unstoppable glee.
But her favourite is P-R-U-D-E.

Vicki Vicki Vicki, my good friend
she likes to eat jaffa cakes which
she'll NEVER lend.
I remember once she said I was silly
to eat the non-McVities brand...it
really sucked willy!

(jaffa cakes rock!)




vicki, sticky, tricky, picky...but always vicki


vicki c, she owned me once,
she said i was the one,
she told me she'd look after me,
until my life was done,

alas i was a naughty pet,
i did not behave well,
vicki would come home from school,
and found her house to smell,

"what have you done?" she cried,
"my poor poor house is a mess"
"was not me", i begged, "don't think it was,
it was next doors cat called tess,"

"frances you're a naughty pet",
vicki calmly said,
"next door, they do not have a cat,
ran over it, it's dead."


So what can I say? Well, for starters, you're a damn fine hugger! That just about says it all, it's how I judge a person, and you score very highly ;)... it's beaten only by the devotion to ninjas and spoons, and I expect you to have devised various spoon-based ninja weaponry soon, just for kicks. And then if you did it you could take your spoon-chucks or quaterstaff-spoons or whatever into manchester and perform street theatre near urbis, and get paid money, and that'd just rule. It would, right?
I've only known you for a relatively short time, and you're a very good friend indeed. So yay! You rule ;)

They're such a kick ass bunch
and i love them all